The Management

Per Arne Henæs
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Max Semenov
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Håvard Odden
Global Sales Director
Hugo Jenssen
Engineering Manager

The History of Vissim

Vissim was founded by the idea that there is more information available than what meets the eye. For more than 20 years the Vissim organisation has developed leading edge tracking technology and radar image processing techniques.

The Pioneers
Two pioneers with extensive experience in multimedia, combined with years of experience in radar detection and tracking, Mr Finn Fjellheim and Mr Per G. Bruaroy, formed the company in 1988. Soon the first advanced solution for a new generation of radar extractor and trackers was developed.

From the Beginning
The organisation has been committed to customer needs from the beginning. By combining maritime operational experience and software programming competence Vissim became an innovative software company, developing leading edge solutions for maritime surveillance. Soon Vissim could demonstrate a technological breakthrough by offering the control and monitoring of radar solutions by standard network interfaces.

An ever expanding Portfolio
Since 1998, Vissim has introduced new solutions to the market such as VHF over IP, wave height detection and oil spill detection, offering the customers leading edge solutions and growing the market year by year. Today you will find Vissim customers all over the world, from New Zealand to the North Sea. Our portfolio is not limited to radar extractor and tracking. Today our solutions cover all aspects of VTMS for ports as well as coastal surveillance, where detection of smaller targets is essential.

Never forget where you come from
Vissim is first of all a software house and the know-how is in our software. Deep understanding of maritime technology and the information from all sensors and sources is vital, but analysing and transforming this information in a professional maritime management system, is what brings the real value to our customers.

Vissim is based in Norway with offices in Slovakia, UK, Russia and China. 

We are an Industrial Member of IALA, participating on the VTS and eNav committees

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More information
If you would like to receive more information about our solutions and products, please contact us.

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