Exclusive Agent of Vissim in China

Exclusive Agent of Vissim in China
Vissim appoints Shanghai Ming Meng Electronic Technology Co. Ltd to be the Exclusive Agent of Vissim in China (including Taiwan)

Vissim AS and its subsidiary in Beijing ("Vissim" collectively) are glad to announce the appointment of Shanghai Ming Meng Electronic Technology Co. Ltd  (“Ming Meng”) as our exclusive agent in the China market (including Taiwan).  Ming Meng has full rights and authorization of Vissim to market and promote the Vissim products.

Ming Meng is a company specialized in Maritime operations and related products.  Since its inception in 2008, Ming Meng has provided professional quality service to hundreds of business units.  Its customers includes China Maritime Safety Administration and local oceanic administrations, wind farm developers and oil refineries.  After years of development, Ming Meng has created a wealth of experience in sales and after-sales service team.  Ming Meng's contact for Vissim's VTS solutions is Ms. Landi , a veteran with many years of experience in maritime traffic control and management  (mobile: +86 13651616733; Tel: +86 21 51158682).

In this connection, please be advised that Mr. Liu Liyuan, Vissim's former agent in China, has been formally terminated with immediate effect.  Mr. Liu no longer has authority to represent VisSim in any capacity.  All prior authorizations express or implied to Mr. Liu are hereby revoked.  Should you have any questions or issues in your previous dealings with Mr. Liu, please contact Ming Meng.

Mr. Henaes, CEO, is extremely excited about the China as a growth market. He would like to take this opportunity to thank the Chinese customers of the Vissim product for their continual support.  His intention to refocus in the China market shows the importance of China to Vissim's global strategy.
威盛公司(Vissim AS)及其在北京的子公司(合称“威盛”)藉此通告,威盛已委任上海名萌电子科技有限公司(下称“名萌”)为威盛在中国(包括台湾)市场的独家代理。威盛赋予名萌全权营销、推广威盛的产品。

名萌长期以来专致于海事运营及相关产品。自2008年以来,名萌已向数百家企业提供高质量的专业服务。名萌的客户群包括中国海事局、风电开发商、炼油厂、各地海洋管理局等等。多年的开发与运营,使得名萌建立了一支具有丰富的销售和售后的经验的团队。名萌的Vissim VTS方案的联系人是兰岚女士,她在海事交通的控制与管理方面具有多年的经验(手机: +86 13651616733; 固话: +86 21 51158682)。


Henaes, CEO, 先生对中国市场及其增长性抱有极大的兴趣和信心。他希望藉此机会对中国客户长期以来给予威盛的支持表示深切的谢意。Henaes先生计划重新注焦中国市场,充分显示了中国市场对Vissim全球战略的重要性。

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