Successful test of on-board Oil Spill Detection

zhong you ying ji
Successful test of on-board Oil Spill Detection
For our customer, Beijing Highlander Digital Technology, Vissim has delivered and implemented a fully automatic on-board Oil Spill Detection system.

The radar based system is in operation on the supply vessel Sinopec Zhong you ying ji 102 operated by China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation (Sinopec).

On October the 11th, a test of the automatic Oil Spill Detection was successfully performed outside the port town of Tanghai, close to Beijing. In the test, environment friendly peanut oil substituted the crude oil. Despite the calm conditions challenging to detection of oil; the Oil Spill Detection system quickly detected the peanut oil.

On-board automatic oil spill detection will provide a valuable asset to prevent damaging oil spills in the highly trafficked region.

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