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Closed Circuit Television System

The Vissim CCTV digital surveillance system is easily installed and connected for local and (where required) distributed access.

Compared with earlier analogue-based CCTV systems, digital video systems provide full flexibility for installation, processing of data and transmission.

The system requires only a LAN cable and a power cable entering the PAN/TILT unit. The digital video and the control data is then transmitted via the network. Employing TCP/IP transmission eliminates the need for multiplexers or matrix switches, and reduces the amount of cabling significantly. Any PC with the Vissim CCTV Display software installed can view the picture and control the camera. There is no limit to the number of users viewing the picture from any camera.

The system is based on the use of standard PC hardware and LAN systems. The camera (with wash/wipe) and high-resolution Pan- Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) units, are from existing suppliers. Any installed system can be easily and rapidly expanded because standard hardware modules are used.

Transmission Bandwidth
The digital video transmission protocol is based on TCP which adapts to network load. The protocol initially responds to variations in available bandwidth by adjusting the frame rate. The picture quality is optimized automatically by dynamic control of the compression process and resolution.

Data Recording and Playback
Video from each camera can be continuously recorded. Video can be replayed on any PC display terminal which has the replay software installed. This is a valuable function for training, and for incident investigations.

Camera Control
The movement of the camera can be controlled in many ways in the Vissim CCTV system. However, the basic method of controlling pan, tilt and zoom is by clicking directly on the picture. 

Mini Map
A MiniMap display enables the operator to point the camera at a geographical position selected by the mouse on the MiniMap. 

An unlimited amount of presets can be stored. A preset is a position with saved values for pan, tilt, zoom and focus. This function allows the user to make guard tours, which for example pan slowly over the horizon or tours, which rapidly moves between different presets and displays each preset for a number of seconds.

Zooming Power
The following series of screenshots illustrates the magnification power of one of our standard lenses. 
vissim cctv zoom1-3

Support solutions for
- Offshore Sea Surveillance
- Ports and Harbours
- Firing Ranges
- Offshore Wind Farms
- Coastal Surveillance
- Automatic Oil Spill Detection

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