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Port Information Management System

The product
The Vissim Port Information Management System – extension of VTMS – manages the information about ship visits, port assets and incidents. This is a database client tool with a user-friendly graphic interface, which provides access to the Port database by means of tabular forms. The Port Information Management System provides functionality for planning ship visits and controlling active ship visits. The list of finished ship visits can also be accessed.

Recording incidents
The Port Information Management System includes functionality for incidents recording including timestamp, list of participating ships, Port area where an incident has happened and text description. The records about incidents are stored as part of a ship visit data.
The benefits
All of the information concerning a ship visit, e.g. movements, incidents, cargoes, port services and facilities used, is stored in a ship visit record without time limit.
VisSim Port Information Management System

Port and Ship guides
The Port Information Management System includes a list of guides describing Port and ship services and facilities. The records in the guides can be added, edited or deleted by the Operator.

Integration with VTMS
The Port Information Management System is easily integrated with VTMS and with other information sources, including transponders, identification systems, information systems, and additional databases. During system specification and installation, each Port Information Management System is configured to local requirements and conditions.

System Integration
The Port Information Management System database uses an open architecture, which means it can easily be integrated with other system applications, enabling comprehensive records, e.g. for berthing and piloting activities for reporting and analysis. These functions can be adjusted to local site requirements. Data from the Port Information Management System can be extracted and displayed in graphic or text form for analysis or presentation using Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word.

External Databases
Other established databases such as Lloyds and Fairplay can be specified by the customer for connection to Port Information Management System.

Planning and accounting
The Port Information Management System includes visual tools for planning of port facilities and services. A comprehensive accounting form provides accounting data for port services and facilities.

The Port Information Management System includes a list of reports concerning ship location and movements, port facilities, cargo landing, etc. The list of reports may be expanded to suit the individual requirements.

Berth Planning and Operation
The Port Information Management System functionality can be expanded by integrating it with the Vissim Berth Planning System to handle berth allocation by displaying detailed harbour graphics, updated with Port Information Management System data.
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- Ports and Harbours

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