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Safety Trace Monitoring System

The Vissim Safety Trace monitoring is for situations when Firing Ranges and Weapon Testing Facilities have to live side by side with civilian. Surveillance and security is imperative for these types of operations.

Irrespective of altitude Safety Zone Monitoring can deal with, but is not limited to, the following targets: Pleasure boats, Fishing, Private/Commercial Aircrafts and Helicopters.

Safety Zones Weapons Models
A Safety Zone is defined as the danger area when firing is commenced. The Safety Zone may have a different shape/orientation and location depending on types of weapons used. The zones are usually created as dual layered providing different levels of intrusion alarms:
Critical Zone - This is the inner zone and the real danger area. Intrusion of this zone will create a Critical Intrusion Alarm and the range operators will have to halt firing.
Outer Zone - Covering the Critical Zone is an outer zone, normally 2-3 nautical miles. Crafts intruding in this area will be raised on VHF or approached by standby vessel and be notified that firing is commencing in the Critical Zone.

Safety Zones Model Flexibility/Manipulation
The Vissim firing range surveillance system allows easy creation and manipulation of the Safety Trace templates:
Create Zone - A zone can be edited from scratch or an existing zone be duplicated and manipulated.
Zone Shape - The shape of the zone can be any shape; circular, square, rectangular or multi polygonal.

Enabling/disabling zone- Templates can be positioned and activated easily and multiple templates can be active simultaneously.

Intrusion Detection
Intrusion alarms are shown in the Traffic Display with an optional audible alarm. Alarms are based on automatic radar detection from Vissim's Extractor and Tracker, a tracker optimized for small target detection. The operator also has the possibility to get high resolution radar video overlaid on the Traffic Display

The following screenshot shows the Vissim Traffic Display with activated weapon templates and raw radar video overlay:
vissim safety trace v3

Small Target Detection
Vissim’s Extractor and Tracker System was developed with a focus on detection of small targets and operation in complicated clutter conditions.

The System has significantly high performance in severe rain and sea clutter conditions and is extended by several types of tracking masks and zones. This improves performance of the system in areas where reflections and blanking areas are creating detection and tracking issues.

The system includes zones for “noise areas” where reflections/ghost echoes and other false targets are frequently experienced. Such areas will be configured with special detection algorithms. All tracking zones are controlled remotely from the Traffic Display and can be adjusted by experienced operators, if required.
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