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Wave Height Detection

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Researching in small target detection based on radar makes it necessary to search for targets inside the noise (clutter). In order to detect targets in such environments Vissim has developed an extensive library of pattern recognition and parameters analysis algorithms for studying of sea clutter.

The following screenshot shows automatic waveheight detection from an installation on Norway's west coast. 
VisSim Wave height Detection

The benefits
Real-time information about the sea state, such as wave height, direction and period, is crucial for coastal protection, as well as off-shore operation management (e.g. oil platforms or ships).

In the last 30 years routine sea state measurement were carried out mainly using moored wave buoys. Although such devices provide reliable measurements they are easily subject to damage and loss. Therefore considerable interest has been shown lately in the use of remote sensing techniques to measure waves and surface state. In contrast to buoy measurements, which are based on the analysis of the buoy motion using accelerometer and tilt sensors, radar measurements of the sea state are based on the analysis of the temporal and spatial evolution of the radar backscatter information, received in the near range of the radar (sea clutter).
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