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We understand your business. Our company history demonstrates a long experience and extensive knowledge in maritime surveillance. Using comprehensive skills in advanced technologies we have developed user friendly solutions for maritime traffic and surveillance.

Our solution build is designed to receive and process information from multiple sources including radar, AIS, DSC and voice communication. By advanced processing technologies, valuable operational and management information can be presented in a comprehensive integrated overview.

The hub in our solution is the Vessel Traffic Management System. The Vessel Traffic Management System receives input then manages and processes data to produce output for visual presentation or other applications.

We have managed and delivered Vissim solutions to 220 customer’s projects in 27 countries.  Our extensive project experience enables us to assist clients in all steps of a project, from defining business requirements to managing projects whilst advising in operational management and execution.

We succeed because we focus our business in the areas we know Oil & Gas, Wind farms, Coastal Surveillance, Ports and Harbours and Voice Communication

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If you would like to receive more infor- mation about our solutions and the products supporting our customers, please contact us by sending a request to 
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