Advanced Network Communication Solutions

Your Challenges
Communication is key part of managing any busy maritime activities. The problem today is that there are too many communication technologies and standards in the market. It is not always possible to get a universal communication infrastructure.

Our Experience
Vissim have developed over the last decade one network based communication system that can translate numerous standards. The guiding principle in Vissim's communications experience is to bring its understanding of one integrated solution from its other business areas and apply those to the field of maritime communications also advancing the underlying traditional technology where possible.

Our Solution
Vissm's Voice Communication solution is a modular network based communication system. We refer to it as a communication system because it seamlessly integrates VHF, UHF, HF, mobile, fixed and software telephones through a single networked solution. That is why we can provide communication solution from simple local VHF network solution and regional network solutions, to full scale nationwide communication networks comprising all types of communication. The system not only allows for cross-hardware communication but also increases the range of communications to a range traditionally not deemed possible.

Be communicative – see the unexpected

Customer references
Norwegian Military Coastal VHF Chain

Statoil Offshore Maritime VHF system with DSC

Maritime Voice Communication for Offshore Wind farms

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