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Vessel Traffic Management pushing your operations to the max!

Visual Target Monitoring
By interfacing our sensors such as AIS, Radar and CCTV no movement will go without a trace.

Radio Communications
Good communications are the most vital  during operations. Utilising our digital VHF UHF and satellite radio communication systems you know the message is clearly received.

People Tracking
Equip your personnel with our RFID cards and track them on-site and even offshore, allowing you to know where they are in case of emergencies.

Recording & Playback
When we record all vessel and personnel movements and combine this with recorded communications it allows you to reconstruct any event.

Personnel Management
Web-Based Registration & Administration allows project personnel to register their personal details and relevant certificates  with a project. When registered, personnel will obtain an personalized project RFID-Card that will be utilized for People Tracking

Project Management Tools
Our Certificate Management Tool allow project management to audit personnel competency and certificate validation. By utilizing our Reporting Tool project managers will be able to create a quick overview of statistical data such as Emergency Whereabouts, Man hours on Vessels & Structures, Individual & Organizations Logs and Vessel Transfer Logs.

Marine Coordinators – See the unexpected

Customer references
Alpha Ventus, GE
Greater Gabbard, UK
Gwynt Y Mor, UK
Horns Rev Park, DK
London Array, UK
Lynn Inner Dowsing, UK
Nordsee Ost, GE
North Hoyle, UK
Ormonde, UK
Princess Amalia (Q7), NL
Rhyll Flats, UK
Sheringham Shoal, UK

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